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Saturday, January 28, 2006
I need an explanation. What is behind "the look"? You know the one. You're standing outside a store, just doing your thing and examining the window display. Then someone walking past you bumps you so that you fall forward, and as you recover and look back at the person who pushed you, they give you this "look." Or, sometimes you're driving and you're in the right turn lane, and someone who forgot to get into that lane decides to cut you off without any warning. As they drive past you, they turn their head straight towards you and give the "look." You ALWAYS get this "look" from someone who has just done something obviously wrong or something extremely rude to you. What I don't get is that the "look" is never one that suggests, "Oops! My bad!" It is always a "What the f*k!" look. As if you're the one who has done something wrong. What in the world? Shouldn't I be the one doing that? Why does the person who decides to "kinda" pull over without signaling and park his car with his passenger side 3 ft from the curb thus continuing to block the lane giving ME this accusatory glare? After all, they're the ones who suck!

The look I am talking about here should not be confused with another common look that I've often received in similar situations. The other look you often get (and not the subject of this rant) is the "Hee hee! Isn't it funny how I just almost hurt, betrayed, messed with, or possibly killed you?" look. I don't need an explanation for that one. I know exactly what is going on in the minds of jerks who give me that one.

Monday, January 16, 2006
Lately, I've been watching some very dramatic teevee. I'm talking about shows with really intense emotional moments where the actors are crying. Well, supposed to be crying. I mean, maybe it's just me, but in my experience, crying usually involves tears. Yes, it also can involve making really scrunched up faces, which a lot of actors have got down pat. But, like I said, tears usually make an appearance. Which brings me to today's rant. Why is it that on so many of these shows, the actors aren't crying any tears? Don't get me wrong, I know that it's difficult to cry on cue. But is it that hard to throw some water on your face before the cameras start rolling? Are you that lazy? I know it can't be money. You're producing these shows and spending tons of money on the set, on special effects, and everything else, but you can't spend a buck fifty to create the illusion that a character is crying? I'm not talking about anything wacky and crazy, like CG'ed tears. I'm talking about water. Eye drops. Really low-tech, cheap stuff. You are completely ruining my viewing experience, my immersion into the fictional world you've tried so hard to create. I'm not asking for much, people. For heaven's sake, I'd settle for watery eyes. Throw me a fricking bone here!

Tuesday, January 10, 2006
I cannot believe there are people who are incapable of getting out of the same parking spot that they managed to get into. Well, that's not true. Of course I believe it. After all, I just witnessed it. Someone was trying to get out of his parking space and for the life of him, simply could not figure out how to maneuver his own car out of the space. He just sat there with his car partially out of the spot (ass in the middle of the lane), trying to figure out his next move, blocking everyone. If you can't figure it out, stay in the spot until you do figure it out, instead of causing a traffic jam in a busy parking structure. What is it with people sticking their asses out for everyone to see? If they were nice ones, then I'd understand.

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