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Thursday, October 16, 2003
It really bothers me when people mess up and then won't admit it. I had to make an appointment with someone, and making the appointment was a long, painful ordeal as we searched through available times that didn't conflict with my schedule. I finally was able to schedule an appointment at 10:30 AM for a 45-minute meeting. My friend was making the same appointment and said she could have hers right after mine, so naturally, the receptionist scheduled her for 11:00 AM the same day. Because, as you know, 11:00 is 45 minutes after 10:30. The two of us looked at each other and then shrugged, thinking "Who are we to attempt to understand the crazy system people have here?"

I was 5 minutes late to my appointment (running across campus in heels is not as easy as one might think), and when I showed up, the receptionist said, "You're scheduled for a 10:00 AM meeting."
"No, I'm scheduled for 10:30."
"It says 10:00."
Why do people do that? Do they think that by repeating themselves, it makes things true? Well, I don't care if it says 10:00 on your computer, because you frigging told me 10:30 and you wrote 10:30 on my "What to bring to this meeting" sheet!

Then the person who I was meeting comes out all annoyed that I'm late and says that she can't spend too much time with me because she has an appointment at 11:00. I'm thinking, "Yeah, I know. I was there when we scheduled the 11:00 appointment for my friend. It was the same time when I scheduled my 10:30, I repeat, 10:30, appointment with you."

The same thing happened today with another friend. Her meeting was scheduled for 2:45; the receptionist claimed it was for 2:00. Is it that hard to write down the correct time? This is not an occasional mistake: it's the second time in two days! As unconfrontational as I am (after all, I choose to rant in a blog rather than in front of people), I've got half a mind to speak up and complain.

I hate incompetence.

Tuesday, October 14, 2003
It took me over an hour to get home today. That's over an hour for a 15-mile trip. Why? Why? Someone was driving 40 mph on the freeway. Why are you on the freeway if you only plan on driving 40 mph? Why? Why? Other drivers suck.

Saturday, October 11, 2003
I hate it when people ask you a question and then don't bother to listen to your answer. Why bother asking? What's worse is when someone asks you a question and then as you are answering, they interrupt you! What's up with that? So disrespectful. Do you want to hear my answer or not? Because if you do, shut your trap for one second and let me finish! If you think you are above listening to others' opinions, then don't solicit any! Save us both some time and leave me alone.

Saturday, October 04, 2003
When I go to a fast food restaurant, I usually stand in line to order. However, if I haven't figured out what I want and I'm close to the end of the line, I'll let the person behind me go in front. I think it's the only civil thing to do. It really bugs the hell out of me when someone who doesn't know what they want goes and tries to "talk out their decision" with the cashier. The conversation I overheard went something like:

"Welcome to ___, how can I help you?"
"Hi, uh, I would like, uh...Hmmm...let me think about this."
(10 sec pause)
"Uh, ma'am, have you decided yet?"
"Um, let me think, I suppose I could have the beef burrito...But wait, maybe I should go for the chicken? Hmmm."
(10 sec pause)

Do you see where I'm going with this? It's annoying and defeats the whole purpose of going to a fast food restaurant. Fast food is about SPEED. Too bad there isn't a passing lane in the drive-thru.

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