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Thursday, October 16, 2003
It really bothers me when people mess up and then won't admit it. I had to make an appointment with someone, and making the appointment was a long, painful ordeal as we searched through available times that didn't conflict with my schedule. I finally was able to schedule an appointment at 10:30 AM for a 45-minute meeting. My friend was making the same appointment and said she could have hers right after mine, so naturally, the receptionist scheduled her for 11:00 AM the same day. Because, as you know, 11:00 is 45 minutes after 10:30. The two of us looked at each other and then shrugged, thinking "Who are we to attempt to understand the crazy system people have here?"

I was 5 minutes late to my appointment (running across campus in heels is not as easy as one might think), and when I showed up, the receptionist said, "You're scheduled for a 10:00 AM meeting."
"No, I'm scheduled for 10:30."
"It says 10:00."
Why do people do that? Do they think that by repeating themselves, it makes things true? Well, I don't care if it says 10:00 on your computer, because you frigging told me 10:30 and you wrote 10:30 on my "What to bring to this meeting" sheet!

Then the person who I was meeting comes out all annoyed that I'm late and says that she can't spend too much time with me because she has an appointment at 11:00. I'm thinking, "Yeah, I know. I was there when we scheduled the 11:00 appointment for my friend. It was the same time when I scheduled my 10:30, I repeat, 10:30, appointment with you."

The same thing happened today with another friend. Her meeting was scheduled for 2:45; the receptionist claimed it was for 2:00. Is it that hard to write down the correct time? This is not an occasional mistake: it's the second time in two days! As unconfrontational as I am (after all, I choose to rant in a blog rather than in front of people), I've got half a mind to speak up and complain.

I hate incompetence.

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