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Tuesday, October 25, 2005
I know we're in Los Angeles, and practically everybody drives. But every once in a while, it is necessary to exit one's vehicle and *gasp!* walk on the sidewalk. And for those of you who walk on the sidewalk, I've got something to say: STOP HOGGING THE SIDEWALK! I don't care if you're with your honeybunch or your posse or WHATEVER. Unless you're 500 pounds and find it physically impossible not to occupy the entire width of the sidewalk, don't hog it when someone needs to pass you. I know you see me coming towards you on the sidewalk, because I see you too. Would it kill you to walk in single file for the 1 second it takes me to pass by and continue on my merry way? Is it necessary to force me off the curb and into the street? Do you think you own the sidewalk? Well, I got news for you, buddy. You don't. So next time, move your inconsiderate ass!

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