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Sunday, September 04, 2005
Fellow drivers, let me introduce you to this very special lane. Now, understand that this lane is not ever present. However, when it does show up, you should use it. It is called the "lane for beginning and ending left turns." This lane has a distinctive appearance: solid yellow lines on the outside, broken yellow lines on the inside.

When you are trying to make a left turn onto a busy street, you can actually wait for the side of the street closest to you to clear up (going in the direction you don't want), turn into the lane for beginning and ending left turns, wait for an opening on the side of the street going in the direction you want, and then go on your merry way. It can also be used to make a left turn off of a busy street. I highly encourage you to use it. Highly recommend it. Why, you ask?

Because if you don't, then you end up blocking an entire lane so no one else can move! We all have somewhere to go, people to see, things to do. We do live in the land of cars. We do have to deal with skyrocketing gas prices. Have some frickin' consideration for your fellow drivers and use the damn lane so that we aren't all stuck behind you, watching as the green light (which we would have made had you not been such a tool) turns red. I hate you people. I hate you.

Oh, and by the way, the lane kinda loses its effectiveness if you use it but don't fully park your big ass in it. So what if you're "using" the lane if the tail end of your car is still in my lane? You're still blocking me, aren't you? I can't even speak to you right now, I'm so irritated.

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