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Friday, November 19, 2004
I would love it if someone would explain this phenomena to me. So, I get this message on my voicemail. The caller says, "Hi, It's John Smith leaving a message for Kevin. This is regarding the proposal we talked about..." yada yada yada. Now, let's see...my voicemail greeting specifically states my name. It says, "Hi, you've reached Neener." Not you've reached some office, where you could presumably leave a message for a number of people. Not you've reached some family, where there might be someone named Kevin. No. Just Neener. Wouldn't that normally give one a clue that perhaps they had dialed a wrong number? Furthermore, Kevin is a guy's name; and my message clearly conveys that I'm a girl. I mean, seriously!

Then John Smith leaves another message basically saying "Oops. I said the wrong name in the previous message. " Oh, maybe this explains the error!

"This message isn't for Kevin. It's for Mike."

Maybe not.

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