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Friday, September 17, 2004
Some people are such jerks. So I'm driving on the 101 today and need to get on the 110. So I take the 101 exit and drive up the ramp. At this point, I have to cross 4 lanes to get to the 110 because the ramp takes you to a section of the 110 where the 4 right lanes are all exit lanes for various downtown streets. The traffic is all right, we're moving a nice, steady clip, but the person in the lane next to me won't let me get in! He might as well let me get in, considering that I'm not even going to stay in his lane since I've got 2 more lanes to get across. But no, he's being a jerk and driving at just the right spot so I can't get in the lane. The person in front of him isn't moving any faster either, so it's not like I'm impeding his progress. Big fat jerk.

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