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Tuesday, July 06, 2004
Do not, I repeat, do not ever buy Arm & Hammer Dental Care gum. It is gross! I ran out of gum the other day and when to the school pharmacy to replenish. Unfortunately, A&H Dental Care is the only brand they sell. Being desperate, I bought some. What a mistake!

I stuck some in my mouth. The thoughts that ran through my head went something like this: "Hmm...not too sweet...minty blast...wha...salty? Wha? Ewwwww!" Gum should not be salty! Ever! Who's the big fat genius who thought of this concept? Now I have this huge pack of gum that grosses me out! But something in me refuses to throw the entire pack away. I paid for it, and I want to get full use out of it. So now I've taken to stuffing 2-3 pieces in my mouth at once in order to finish the pack off faster.

Gross. Blecch.

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