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Tuesday, June 29, 2004
With the prospect of having to move out, I've started browsing craigslist and apartments.com, looking for a new place. May I just say that apartments are ridiculously expensive? Not to mention that the budget my school allocates for living expenses is ridiculously low? There are obviously people living in these areas, and I would certainly like to know how they manage to afford it! All I want is a one-bedroom. No roommates. It shouldn't be that difficult! So far, all the places I've read can be placed in the following three categories: not one-bedroom; one-bedroom but hideously expensive; or one-bedroom, reasonably-priced, but located nowhere near school (e.g., Canoga Park, Long Beach, even Calabasas!). What these three categories basically imply are that I can (1) bite the bullet and deal with living with other people, which I do not relish; (2) borrow huge sums of money to live in a place near school, but not too close to school; or (3) live in an apartment I can afford but then borrow huge sums of money to pay for the expensive gas I'll need for those long commutes to and from school. I also have to consider traffic...After all, this is L.A. Just because you're 5 miles away doesn't mean it won't take forever and a day to get from point A to point B. It is so frustrating. This blows so much.

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