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Thursday, March 11, 2004
So I'm in this club at school. And we've recently had elections for the board of this club. So the current president of the club emails everyone in the club with the election results. So then, people in this club start emailing each other "Congrats, I'm looking forward to working with you" messages, and cc the messages to EVERYONE IN THE CLUB! If it were just one or two emails, I'd be cool with that. But NO, every single board member plus individuals in the club had to send out emails...have you people ever heard of emailing on the people you are replying to, rather than cc'ing an entire club the details of what is supposed to be a one-on-one conversation? Would it be possible to send an email that provides more information than the one you are replying to? Could you possibly refrain from sending a one-liner "Congratulations!" message to everyone in the board once you have noticed that there are TWENTY other emails saying the same thing lying in your mailbox? No, of course you couldn't...because that would be the smart thing to do.

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