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Tuesday, July 15, 2003
Has this ever happened to you? You're in your car and have halted at a traffic light. You're the first car in your lane. You're anxiously awaiting for the light to turn green. After a maybe 30 seconds or so, a pedestrian comes sauntering along. On the pedestrian signal, the red hand is flashing, indicating that no one should attempt crossing the intersection. Despite this warning, the pedestrian starts to cross the street. The red hand stops flashing, and your light turns green. You'd like to start moving, but you can't because of that damned pedestrian. Fully aware that he is holding up traffic, he turns his head towards you and smiles apologetically. AS IF THAT WOULD PLACATE ME! You totally knew what you were doing when you started crossing the street, so don't even give me that look! Oh, what now? You're going to shrug your shoulders at me, as if to say "Who knew the light was going to change so quickly?" I'll tell you who knew: EVERYBODY AT THE INTERSECTION KNEW! Don't try it again. I won't be so law-abiding next time.

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