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Tuesday, June 03, 2003
This observation is a little outdated...but may I just say that I cannot stand Clay from American Idol? I shall first point out that his skills are limited to belting out Broadway tunes, and that my friends, is not what being an American Idol is all about. When people say "American Idol," I see an attractive purveyor of bubblegum pop, R&B/hip-hop-influenced pop, and diva-worthy ballads (think Britney and N'Sync), not some guy in a theater singing songs from Andrew Lloyd Weber's latest musical. Furthermore, an American Idol should be hot or if he was not born with good looks, then he should be a good dancer (see N'Sync). Clay has none of those qualities. Lastly, I think Clay is fake and irritating. After Reuben was announced as the winner, Clay was still hogging the spotlight and talking the whole time. Instead of being a gracious loser, he made seemingly light-hearted yet pointed remarks about how the sales of their singles the following week would be the real determinant of who was the real American Idol. Clay, do us and yourself a favor and SHUT UP.

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