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Tuesday, May 27, 2003
I hate it when people don't listen. Listening is a skill that is as important as communicating. Today at work, someone decided that they were going to install a driver on a PC since this data acquisition board was not being recognized by the computer system. I told him, "I installed the driver already." What does he do? He ignores my statement and commences downloading the driver. I say, "I have the driver on this CD" (as I wave the CD in my hand). He doesn't listen to me and continues the download. What the heck? I say once again, in case he hasn't heard me, "Um...I already installed the driver...so I don't think the problem is with the driver." No response. So after he downloads the file and installs the driver, lo and behold, the system STILL doesn't recognize the ISA board. He's all surprised. Why? Didn't I tell him I had already installed the driver? Obviously, if I install the driver and it's not working, why should it work when YOU install the driver? Get a clue! What wasted time and effort! The problem, it turns out, was just as I said, having nothing to do with the driver. It had to do with the IRQ and DMA memory settings. Bite me.

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